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Brush-Kart system

 1.Hull cleaning using Brush-Kart system

One of the main problems what ship owners are faced to is biochemical corrosion – fouling of the ship hull with different algae and other marine organisms.


In water survey of ships afloat

 2.In water survey of ships afloat

All without an exception of ships are exposed to influence of the water sea element and their structural components are worn out and need constant preventive and scheduled repair.


Elimination of leakage without dry docking the ship

 3.Elimination of leakage without dry docking the ship

If the leakage is detected on the modern ship, undoubtedly all measures must be taken to eliminate it. Repair in dock or without docking and diving jobs – decision should be promptly made taking into account all objective circumstances.


Underwater welding and cutting

 4.Underwater welding and cutting

The up-to-date marine industry involves the construction and service of hundreds of thousands of ships. Sometimes the water element is ruthless to its “guests”, the underwater part of any ship is most often exposed to the damaging effects.


Underwater cleaning of ships hull. Cleaning and polishing of propellers

 5.Underwater cleaning of ships hull. Cleaning and polishing of propellers

Today the biochemical corrosion which causes great harm to the ship's hull and other marine facilities gives a lot of anxiety to the shipowners.


Underwater television (CCTV)

 6.Underwater television (CCTV)

CCTV is an abbreviation of the word combination Closed Circuit TeleVision, that is a system of the closed television which it makes possible to transmit the signal from the underwater video chamber to the monitor in mode of real time.


Hydrographic survey

 7.Hydrographic survey

It should seem that the shipping routes, water areas of ports, berths, have long been studied however and today there is necessity in constant correction of depths and their control.


Hermetic sealing of kingston valves

 8.Hermetic sealing of kingston valves

Any ship requires a periodical replacement of ship's fittings especially the stop fittings and its elements designed for blocking the environment flow.


Underwater inspection of port and offshore facilities

 9.Underwater inspection of port and offshore facilities

Operating conditions of use of the marine, river, port and other port and offshore facilities are basically of the same type, as originally the designs of the port and shore facilities correspond to the same technical rules.


Clearing the bottom of underwater areas

 10.Clearing the bottom of underwater areas

The port water area is enough a large water terrain including the approaches to the port, roadstead and inner harbor where there are mooring structures for loading and unloading the cargoes.


Underwater diving operations

 11.Diving operations

When somebody speaks about professional diving he means diving operations executed by professional divers for making define operations under water.


Fish protection structures

 12.Maintenance of fish protection structures

Special consideration is given to elaboration of fish protection structures. These are facilities for fish protection and averting the fish disaster or its damage with streaming direction to secure area.


Service ship od Diving Marine Service

 13.Service ship for providing diving operations

One of the work areas of Diving Marine Service Ltd. is diving services for ships in a roadstead. Not only high qualified specialists of the Company are involved for these purposes but special items which let completing the tasks of different complexity.


Diving company Diving Marine Service Ltd.

 14.Diving company

It is necessary to find serviceable vast experienced diving company which can get around the problem when one wants to meet a quality performance of underwater technical activities and water engineering works.


Underwater engineering works

 15.Underwater engineering works

When somebody speaks about underwater engineering work he has in mind works which are executed by specially trained divers when they survey, build and provide service waterworks and other underwater structures; survey and cleaning the bed surface, lifting the foreign objects from bed surface, etc.



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