Underwater services for ships

Emergency works and ship raising

«Diving Marine service» Ltd. available for emergency works on vessels, ship raising fully or by parts if necessary

Emergency works

The emergency works include all range of underwater repair works. Peculiarity of such operation is because it requires a swift reaction and efficiency of specially trained team that can quickly action in extreme conditions, in any place where the emergency situation had occurred. Our specialists have a long standing experience in emergency works fulfilment, they can remove malfunctions in no time.

Application range:

  • removing vessel from the shallow;
  • damaged vessels upholding afloat with the threat of sinking;
  • oil products spill emergency liquidation;
  • unload of the cargo from disabled vessel;
  • assistance for ships which suffered damages in the ice;
  • emergency works in case of vessel collision with other vessels or objects.

Ship raising

Ship raising is one of the most complicated works in diving. That’s why the ships full or partial raising must be held by the highly qualified specialists. 

Divers of «Diving Marine service» have experience in raising sunken vessels through giving object a positive floatability (selfsurfacing) and through rising it with mechanical equipment (cranes, lifting pontoons etc.). According to the situation and the issue, ship can be raised fully or by parts. Almost every time before the ships raising operation to be started, object is examined, the plan of raising is set and the operation cost is evaluated 

Application range:

  • sunken vessel raising in order to restore its functionality;
  • commercial raising of sunken vessels for utilization (selling for scrap metal). Such operation hardly can be economically rational. But why not?
  • raising of the ships that sunk on a strategically important places: channels, water areas of plants and ports, raids etc. Often the partial raising and reinterment of the objects is enough;
  • raising of the objects that can be dangerous;
  • raising of the remains that can be historically valuable.