Diving Marine Service Ltd.

underwater technical works of any complexity

Short information about the company

Supply of ships

Today, Diving Marine Service Ltd. can legally take proud of one of leading places in the field of industrial underwater technical works to shipowners.

Starting from the provision of marine services to shipowners, we quickly expanded the field of our activities. Our energy, a trust to us from the side of our partners and customers, professional team can reveal the powerful potential of the company and implement projects all over the world.

Having large experience in underwater technical work of any complexity: inspection, cleaning and repair of ships under water, inspection and repair of hydraulic structures, provision of ships, etc. we are ready to offer you a collaboration that will bring a mutual benefit.

The company Diving Marine Service Ltd. is proud of the trust of all shipowners, with which it cooperates, and with a lot of shipowners have already signed long-terms agreements for a regular maintenance. We will continue to expand the range of services for You, using our potential and development prospects, and you can be sure that all the work you have ordered will be implemented in full, qualitatively and as fast as possible.

The main activities

The goal of our company

The maximum quality and complete service of underwater vessels, inspection of hydraulic structures (ports and offshore facilities), provision of vessels in accordance with the highest world standards. Our strategy is aimed at strengthening its leadership in the market of maritime services. Confidence in achieving the objectives based on a qualitative management, the availability of modern resources and professionalism of each and every company’s specialists, who not only are qualified, but also devoted to the favourite cause.

Ship polishing
Underwater ship works on the raid
Underwater inspection of ports and offshore facilities
Underwater diving works

The principles of our work

Short terms
Individual approach
Correctness and confidentiality of commercial information


In the shortest possible time, at the request of the shipowner, we proceed to underwater technical work practically in any port of Ukraine.


The company guarantee high quality of underwater works implementation because of professionalism of our divers and engineers, application of front-rank technologies and modern equipment.

Short terms

We respect the time of our client and implement solutions that achieve efficiency in the shortest possible time.

Individual approach

For each specific task, for each vessel, we use an individual approach, choosing methodology, technology, necessary equipment and a special team of divers.

Correctness and confidentiality of commercial information

Any information will be kept in confidential, as part of our contract with you for cooperation.

Polishing of ship propeller

The ports where we work

We work all over the territory of Ukraine and in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov neutral waters including all big ports such as Mykolaiv, Kherson, Odesa, Yuzhny, Chornomorsk, etc. You can see all major ports where we work on the map: