Underwater services for ships

Underwater repair

Lots of repairing works of underwater vessel’s parts can be done without the docking, thereby without ships decommissioning. Our divers can do basically all of the mechanic works with the ship afloat, including underwater welding and underwater cutting. More complicated manipulations, that can’t be done afloat, are made without docking in a dry chamber (caisson).

Application range of underwater ship repair:

  • foreign objects removal from a propeller-rudder system, wrapped ends withdrawal;
  • repairs through welding a doubler plate, or a patch and cement box installation;
  • cutting, rounding of damaged edges of propelled blades;
  • repair and change of sacrificial protection;
  • splinting and cementing of lost or unfixed bolts;
  • kingston and intake holes plugging for repair and change of sea valves;
  • deadwood sealing, underwater change of pump packing.