Underwater services for ships

Underwater hull сleaning

Underwater hull cleaning, cleaning and polishing of its propellers are often underestimated by ship owners. The consequences of a seaweed hull and propellers fouling are the dramatical speed dropping (up to 2 knots) and significant growth of fuel consumption (up to 30%).

The underwater hull cleaning can be done according to the stage of its fouling, by different ways: hand cleaning, mechanical cleaning with hydraulic brushes (Brush-Kart) usage or with hydrodynamical cavitation method.

«Diving Marine service» Ltd. provides services of underwater hull cleaning, using advanced system Brush-Kart produced by greek company Piccard Divers. With help of this system our divers are able to clean the hull of the ship offshore in no time. Also «Diving Marine service» became an official and exclusive representative of Piccard Divers in Ukraine, so you can refer to our specialists regarding all of the purchase issues of Brush Kart using our contacts on a web site. 

Application range of underwater hull сleaning:

  • hull cleaning and propeller polishing in case of ships speed dropping and fuel consumption growth;
  • hull cleaning in case of underwater inspections and results;
  • kingston grates and kingston boxes cleaning in case of insufficient work of cooling system.