Services for ports and offshore facilities

Engineering survey of hydrotechnical structures and offshore facilities

For normal usage of hydrotechnical structures and offshore facilities it is necessary to carry an occasional engineering surveys, in order to detect (complex analysis) their condition and evaluate their operational reliability. For each specific hydrotechnical structure and offshore facility, according to its construction features, operating conditions and possible consequences in case of damages, the project of observation should determine a composition of its working and condition detection elements. It is also should be refined during the operation.

The aim of engineering inspection is to determine the actual qualitative condition of the construction.

Works that are done for annual dock inspection:

  • diving examination;
  • inspection of water ways with side-scan sonar;
  • hydrographic works (depth sounding);
  • surface construction elements measurement;
  • planned and high-altitude surveys;
  • and other works according to hydrotechnical system type.