Hull cleaning using Brush-Kart system

One of the main problems what ship owners are faced to is biochemical corrosion – fouling of the ship hull with different algae and other marine organisms. The ship hull gradual fouling leads to negative affect:

Brush-Kart system for underwater hull cleaning

  • the ship speed loss can be up to 30%;
  • the fuel consumption is on the increase for 20-25% because of the ship hull fouling and for 5-8% because of the fouling the ship propeller. So the fuel consumption can be on the increase up to 25-33% and more in total.

One of the most popular methods of solving the problem is underwater hull of the ship cleaning by qualified divers with use of special equipment when the ship is in a roadstead. The most effective here is using Brush-Kart equipment – hydraulic equipment for underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing.

Brush-Kart system for underwater hull cleaning

The Brush-Kart system is a 170 kg cleaning machine what consists of the following:

  • ecological motor;
  • two pumps;
  • air compressor;
  • oil tank;
  • davit for lowering and lifting the triple head installation;
  • propeller polishing installation;
  • high and low pressure hoses.

The Brush-Kart system with triple head installation cleans up to 1500-2000 m2/h in stripes of 1.25 m width and up to 12 m depth. Thereunto the system has a special installation for propeller polishing what consists of the brush for propeller blades polishing.

The outstanding detail of Brush-Kart system is the brushes construction what lets operating with different hull structures considering corners. Thereunto the cleaning machine has automotive system and special rubbers for absorbing shocks during operation.

Unerwater hull cleaning using Brush-Kart system

Diving Marine Service Ltd. uses the latest Brush-Kart system for the hull cleaning and the propeller polishing what lets satisfying the objectives for the short term and with high quality. Our Company deals not only with underwater hulls of ships cleaning in a roadstead but we are the representatives of Piccard Divers Company ( in Ukraine. The Company is a manufacturer of Brush-Kart cleaning system. Regarding all questions of interest you can contact us at our Site.