Diving operations

When somebody speaks about professional diving he means diving operations executed by professional divers for making define operations under water.

Diving operations can be used for:

  • engineering researches;
  • exploitation the underwater structures and equipment for gas and oil recovery at the sea and ocean shelve (preservation, depreservation or wells abandonment, structures status monitoring);
  • cleaning the surfaces from fouling with algae and mussels;
  • cinematography, photo/telephotography, visual observation;
  • construction the underwater structures;
  • rescue operations.

Underwater diving operations

Divers when making underwater technological operations dive in complicated and dangerous conditions. So it is necessary a serious lead-up for professional diving. The compilation of divers is very important. The main criterions are high level of training, qualification and salubrity. Professional divers have working with reliable equipment what guarantees the high safety level of underwater operations. So there were organized the branch of operational procedures – diving – in many countries. It seizes the wide range of rescue operations, assembling operations and other kinds of operations under water with material, scientific and technical, medical support.

Kinds of diving professional activities

There are the following kinds of diving professional activities up today:

  • Civil diving – repair, engineering, rescue and other kinds of underwater operations what are made by divers for civilian purposes.
  • Commercial diving (industrial diving) – the full range of operations for provision and conducting the leisure diving (so called Scuba Diving – as a kind of underwater swimming with use the define facilities for underwater breathing).
  • Diver training – education and training the people for both commercial and professional purposes.
  • Media-diving – underwater journalism and cinematography.
  • Military diving – security and protection of different objects, carrying out the military diversionary tactic, scouting, mine neutralization and other operations.
  • Police diving – underwater searching the facts.
  • Scientific diving – underwater researches.
  • And other.

Underwater diving operations

Types of diving operations

As for diving operations (industrial diving) we can say about the following:

  • Underwater engineering operations. These are the operations what are made by specialists for examination, building and repair the underwater parts of waterworks, laying pipe lines, cable lines and other routs of communication. Here we can say about dredging operation, maintenance of waterworks, maintenance and cleaning the waterways and water areas.
  • Ship raising operations. These are the operations what divers carry out for examination of sunken vessels and preparation it for raising.
  • Ship repair operations. These are the operations what are made by specialists for underwater repairing of ships.
  • Ship service diving operations are carried out for examination the hulls and cleaning them from fouling, elimination the underwater hull damages and underwater arrangements which are in operation.
  • Rescue diving operations. These are rescue operations which are carried out by divers for saving the people or prohibiting the ecological catastrophe.
  • Special diving operations are carried out as for provision the scientific researches and different kinds of tests for new diving equipment samples, instrument inspection of water areas with echo sounder, side-scanning sonar, searching the objects sunken, underwater welding and cutting.

FAQ to the topic: “Diving operations”

❓Diving operations – what is it?

Diving operations are a complex of underwater works performed with use of diving labor. Only specially trained divers are permitted for such type of works. Divers:

  • Received special diving training and have personal diving permit.
  • Constantly engaged in underwater descents and confirm their theoretical and practical skills to the diving committee annually.
  • Have no medical contraindications.
  • Have experience in underwater operations.

❓Where are diving works used?

The range of use the diving works is very large. Specially trained divers may be involved in the following:

  • Engineering research.
  • Operation and construction of underwater structures.
  • Cleaning the surfaces from fouling with marine microorganisms.
  • Camera recording or photo shooting.
  • Wrecking.

❓What types of diving work are there?

Diving operations are divided into emergency rescue diving operations, ship diving operations, underwater technical diving operations, special diving operations, ship-lifting diving operations. You can read more about each of the mentioned types of work in our article.