Underwater services for ships

The shipowner is always strives to solve ongoing problems with the vessel ASAP and with the minimal losses. The cooperation with Diving Marine Service Ltd. can start just your problem arise almost at any point of the world.

Diving Marine Service Ltd. takes a leading position on market of industrial underwater services in Ukraine, today. Having huge experience in ship services, providing high quality services for shipowners and their ships every day, our company is ready to offer you a collaboration that will bring a mutual benefit.

For ship owners we are glad to offer the next given (but not limited) list of services:

1. Ships underwater inspection

Key words: underwater examination, underwater survey, classification inspection, inspection of the ship underwater hull, inspection of the propulsion/steering unit, inspection of the kingston valve gratings, underwater inspection, underwater photo, underwater video, underwater TV, CCTV.


Examination is carried out by specially trained divers to estimate the technical condition of the ship underwater hull and her machinery fouling. For fixing the inspection results provision is made for execution of the inspection certificates and besides the captured photos and video materials are attached to them.

CCTV is often applied while surveying the ships and it permits to transmit the underwater images to the monitor in mode of real time.

Application spheres:

  • inspection under the supervision of the Classification Society to replace the docking or for its postdate;
  • assessment of the ship's technical condition before purchase, sale or lease;
  • availability of damages after grounding the ship, collisions with other objects;
  • assessment of fouling degree, wear of paint, protectors etc. to prepare for docking;
  • monitoring the ship while her setting on keel-block.


Underwater inspection of ship

2. Underwater repair

Key words: repair without docking, elimination of water leakages, underwater welding, underwater cutting, propeller repair, plugging the kingston valves, repair of protectors, replacement of protectors, underwater thickness gauging.


Many repair works as to the underwater part of the ship can be carried out without her docking and respectively without putting the ship out of the service by the divers. Practically all mechanical works , welding and cutting can be performed under water. The more complicated works, which are not be able to be made in wet conditions, can be carried out as well as without ship's docking in dry chamber (caisson).

Application spheres:

  • removal of foreign objects from the propulsion/steering unit, disposal of all wound;
  • blanking the holes by welding-on the double plate or placing the collision mat or cement box;
  • repair and replacement of the cathodic protection;
  • truncation, rounding-off of the propeller blade damaged edges;
  • cotter-pinning or cementing of the lost or unfixed bolts;
  • plugging the kingston valves and sea openings for repair or replacement of the sea valves;
  • sealing of the stern tube, replacement of the gland packing under water.


Underwater repair

3. Hull cleaning

Key words: underwater cleaning of hull, cleaning of the kingston valve gratings, propeller cleaning, propeller polishing, fuel oil consumption decrease, ship's speed increase, methods of hydrodynamic cavitation, brush-kart.


Importance of underwater cleaning of ship's hull and polishing of her propellers is often underestimated by shipowners. Fouling of ship's hull and the propellers always leads to sizable speed loss (up to 2 knots) and substantial fuel oil consumption (up to 30%).

Underwater ship's hull depending on the degree of its fouling can be cleaned by different methods: manual, mechanized with use of the hydraulic brushes (brush-kart) or by method of hydraulic cavitation.

Diving Marine Service Ltd. makes underwater hull cleaning operations using the foremost system Brush-Kart what is produced by Greek company Piccard Divers (http://www.piccard.gr). Our divers clean the underwater hull in the shortest time using the Brush-Kart system in a roadstead. Diving Marine Service Ltd. is an official and exclusive representative of Piccard Divers in Ukraine. So you can apply to Diving Marine Srvice Ltd. as for purchasing the Brush-Kart system.

Application spheres:

  • ship's hull cleaning and propeller polishing in case of ship's speed loss and fuel oil consumption increase;
  • hull cleaning for carrying out the underwater inspections;
  • cleaning of the kingston valve gratings and sea chest if operation of the cooling system is not efficient enough.


Hull сleaning

4. Emergency works

Key words: underwater holes, water leakages elimination, rescue, keeping afloat, refloat, insurance accidents, elimination of emergency situations, oil spill elimination.


List of the repair works may belong to a category of the emergency works. The peculiarity of this operation is that it requires a rapid response and efficiency of specially trained crew capable to act in extreme conditions anywhere where an emergency situation took place.

Besides the typical works, the implementation of extra set of arrangements is required in operating procedure:

  • development of projects and plans for elimination of emergency situations;
  • hire (freight) of cargo, transport and technological facilities (fleet, aviation);
  • operational coordination of actions with different monitoring and supervision services;
  • mutual work with representatives of shipowners and insurance companies for competent preparation of the final documentation.

Application spheres:

  • ship's refloat;
  • keeping afloat of the damaged ships in case of flooding threat;
  • emergency oil spill elimination;
  • assistance to the ships damaged in ice conditions;
  • emergency works in case of ship's collision with other ships or objects.
Emergency works

5. Ship salvaging

Key words: salvage of the wrecked ship fragments, refloating, ship salvaging operations, salvage of large-size objects.


Ship salvaging is the process of recovery of the completely or partially wrecked ship out of water. It is one of the complicated situation for diving which can be performed by two ways: giving the positive buoyancy to the object (self-surfacing) or her salvaging by mechanical equipment (cranes, lifting pontoon etc.). Depending on the situation and task the ship can be salvaged as a whole or in parts. Inspection of the object and development of project for salvage are almost always performed before the ship salvaging operations with a preliminary estimate of cost of operation.

Application spheres:

  • salvage of the wrecked ship to restore her performance capacity;
  • commercial salvage of the wrecked ships for utilization (metal scrap). This operation is very rarely economically viable. But why not?
  • salvage of the ships wrecked at strategically important sites: canals, water areas of shipyards and ports, roads etc. Sometimes a partial salvage and reburial of the wrecked ship are enough;
  • salvage of objects representing any danger;
  • salvage of relics as historical artifacts.
Ship salvaging

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