Services for port and offshore facilities

1. Underwater inspection

Key words: diving inspection, underwater inspection, inspection of the underwater parts of the port and offshore facilities, underwater examination.


From the term “port and offshore facility” it clearly follows that this facility is partially or completely in contact with water. Therefore the inspection of such facilities simply cannot be done without underwater examination. Such works are performed by a crew of divers with special training and skills.

Inspection of the facilities includes a package of such works as examination, recalculation (if necessary) and testing of the facility. The underwater inspection of the port and offshore facilities being in operation should be performed at specific intervals.

Application spheres:

  • water area bottom (both internal and external);
  • berths, quays and piers;
  • external restrictive jetties;
  • external restrictive jetties;
  • breakwaters and sea shore protection groynes;
  • seawalls;
  • concrete catchment and fixed dams;
  • earthen and rock fill dams and levees.


Underwater inspection

2. Dredging works

Key words: excavation, creating and deepening of the approach channels, construction of the berths, water area bottom cleaning, suction dredger, dredge pump, bucket dredger.


Dredging works are a kind of excavation carried out under water on the basin bottom for creating or deepening the existing approach waterways to the ports, construction of the berths, bridges and other port and offshore facilities, laying of the pipeline under water as well as for widening and deepening the basins. As to the type they are divided into the capital and maintenance ones.

The following is used for performing the dredging works:

  • dredge pump with slurry pipeline;
  • bucket dredger with dump scow;
  • grab-bucket crane.

Application spheres:

  • construction of the water areas, approach channels;
  • maintenance of the design depths;
  • increase of the draft limitation;
  • clearing, landscape of the basins.
Dredging works

3. Depth soundings

Key words: survey works, hydrographic surveying.


Survey is a method for surveying of the bottom relief consisting in depth sounding at the tacks spaced at certain distances from each other determined depending on the relief nature of the bottom and depths. Just as in the topography the heights of large number of points on the ground are defined while surveying the relief, in the hydrography the depths of the surveyed water area are sounded for studying the submarine relief. The soundings can be performed by hand-sounding lead or by special equipment - echo sounder. The sounding results are given both as depth marks and the bottom level heights.

Application spheres:

  • design-survey works;
  • maintenance of the dredging works (preliminary assessment of the dredging works, check soundings, definition of the actually executed scope);
  • annual survey, certification.


Depth soundings

4. Annual survey

Key words: observation of port and offshore facilities, diagnostics of port and offshore facilities, examination of port and offshore facilities, assessment of port and offshore facilities.


Periodic inspections are required for normal service of the port and offshore facility. The purpose of them is diagnostics (comprehensive analysis) of its state and reliability assessment. For each specific port and offshore facility depending on the structural features, the service conditions and possible consequences in case of damage, combination of the elements of diagnosis of its operation should be determined by the project of observations and should be specified more exactly while in service. The survey task is the fixation of actual qualitative state of the structures.

Works carried out during the annual survey of the berths are as follows:

  • diving examination;
  • hydrographic works (depth sounding);
  • measurement of the surface structural members.
  • plane and altimetric survey;
  • and other works depending on the type of the port and offshore facility.
Annual survey

5. Clearing of the water area and approach channel bottom

Key words: lifting of stone, lifting of underwater debris, lifting of sunken objects, increase of the approach channel passability.


The water area (both external and internal) should be in proper state for normal port operation. An active use of the water area is often accompanied by its clogging with different objects (fenders, anchors, anchor chains etc). These objects can restrict movement of the craft or prevent its proper service.

Application spheres:

  • annual survey;
  • works for the passibility increase;
  • dredging works;
  • development of new water areas.


Clearing of the water area and approach channel bottom

6. Repair and construction of the port and offshore facility

Key words: repair and construction of berths, shore protection, breakwater, groyne, quay, trestle, revetment, gateway, repair and construction of jetties, repair and construction of channels, repair and construction of piers.


Port and offshore facility is a facility designed for application of water resources (rivers, lakes, seas, subterranean waters) or for fight against the ravages of water elements.

Construction of the port and offshore facilities is rather labor-intensive process. Special equipment and materials are used because of the constant contact with water.

As the port and offshore facility constantly contact with the water environment, the members of structures are exposed to mechanical, physical, chemical and biological attack. Both repair of the port and offshore facility and its construction is a process requiring special attention. Peculiarities of the repair works on the port and offshore facilities are their seasonality and limitations of the repair time.

Application spheres:

  • construction of new port and offshore facilities;
  • overhaul;
  • emergency repair;
  • scheduled maintenance;
  • reconstruction and recovery of the port and offshore facilities.
Clearing of the water area and approach channel bottom

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