Other services

Besides the primary kind of activity we can arrange the provision of the following list of services directly or through the company partners:

Ultrasonic thickness gauging

Thickness gauging is the method of examination the thickness and consistency of materials. In turn, ultrasonic thickness measurement is the most exact method for definition the object thickness without any fracture of metal. High-precision result is achieved thanks to possibilities of electromagnetic and sonic examination method: the object thickness measurement is made by impulse signals of shift ultrasonic vibrations.

Ultrasonic thickness measurement is widely used for definition the wall thickness of different objects. Specialists of our Company use the sonic method for the following:

  • definition the residual metal thickness of ship hulls, bulkheads, decks, etc;
  • definition the residual metal thickness of metal cleat or metal piles of berthing facilities.

Thanks to ultrasonic thickness measurement the most dangerous hull parts/hull constructions can be detected and it can be restored. It lets to avoid emergency situations.

Ultrasonic thickness gauging services

Ship's hull fault detection

To make a proper repair of a vessel hull it is necessary making adequate inspection with detection of possible problems – hull fault finding. The fault finding can be made in a roadstead and in a port also where the vessel is at a dockside.

The underwater hull fault finding is a process of inspection the vessel structural members by divers for detecting the wear factor, possible defects (damages or hull construction destruction), assignment the necessity, methods and hull repair volume. The Fault Detection Report is made on a base of the hull fault finding (it is an initial document) also process flow and design documentation. These documents are very important because the vessel repair plan is made on its base. The plan includes methods and ways of defects detected demolition with exact repair time.

Specialists of our Company make the underwater vessel hull fault finding with making all the necessary technical documentation and specific proposals as for repair. The work indicated is made in the shortest time and with good quality in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Ship's hull fault detection services

Holds washing and cleaning

One of the important stages for loading of the ships is the holds cleaning from previous cargo residuals. Complex of operations as for hold walls wash are made in this case. There are two tasks for operating personnel: the work has been done as quickly as possible and detergents forbidden have not been used.

Specialists of our Company make hold walls wash in shortest time with full conformity to environmental law.

Holds washing and cleaning services

Ship's painting

Specialists of our Company make a wide range of operations as for servicing the vessels which include vessel painting.

The vessel painting is the most important way of protecting the metal from corrosion. Here the significant role has the quality of paint coating. It lets to slow down the chemical process of intersection the vessel metal with outside environment.

It is necessary to make the technical inspection of the vessel to increase the timescale of the vessel operation. It will help to detect the possible tender places where the paint has lost its protective property or it is absent.

You can make the vessel fault detection with further painting thanks to specialists of Diving Marine Service Ltd. We use high quality paintworks which let to guarantee the reliable protection of the vessel.

Ship's painting services

Diving training

Specialists of Diving Marine Service Ltd. provide training for diving except diving and engineering operations. Training is provided according the certification of international organization CEDIP/UDIP. After finishing the training you get all necessary documents for diving all over the world.

Besides recreational diving there is a possibility to have training for certified diving. Thanks to gain knowledge you can join to diving family and have a job in different diving Companies in Ukraine and other countries also.

Other services of Diving Marine Service Ltd.

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