Afloat repair

1. Ship's repair in port

Key words: ship's repair in ports of call, repair if the ship is at anchor.


Sometimes there is such situation when a fault occurs on a ship which cannot be eliminated by ship's crew, putting the ship out of operation is inadvisable or it is not possible. In this case repair team may be ordered in ports of call.

If your ship requires such assistance when calling at ports in Ukraine, contact with us as early as possible with the description of the problem encountered. We will notify you promptly of technical feasibility and options for solution the problem.

Application spheres:

  • We offer repair services for the following systems and machinery during ship stay in the port:
    • hydraulic systems;
    • ventilation and air conditioning systems;
    • deck equipment;
    • electric and automatic equipment;
    • pumps and valves;
    • engine;
    • turbo-compressors;
    • hatch openings;
    • hull works.
Ship's repair in port

2. Ship's repair during voyage

Key words: fault detection, afloat repair.


In case when the ship has a very short time of stay in port or at anchor or if the performance of work requires much time. Herewith the ship is able safely to perform voyage, the repair team can be taken aboard for performing the works during the voyage.

Application spheres:

  • repair of hydraulic systems and deck equipment;
  • repair of engine room equipment;
  • electric and automatic equipment;
  • painting;
  • stripping of tanks.
Ship's repair during voyage

3. Spare parts and appliances

Key words: delivery of spare parts and appliances, renovation of spare parts, fabrication of spare parts.


If necessary, provided timely order, the required spare parts, details and accessories can be delivered to the ship. Some worn parts of ship's machinery can be restored (renovation) that allows to save the money for purchasing of new spare parts and appliances and it is very important while maintaining the ships with long life as the spare parts and appliances are no longer produced for them.

If no possibility or time to find the required part, it can be made as per the drawing or using the old one in the factory.

Spare parts and appliances

4. Dock repair

Key words: ship repair, repair in dock.


At the moment we do not have dock facilities and are not directly engaged in dock repair of ships but we have a team of professionals in organization and management of ship repair. Besides extensive contacts and skills with ship repair companies in Ukraine allow us to organize ship's docking and carry out the technical supervision of repair.

Application spheres:

  • painting of ships;
  • general overhaul;
  • docking planning;
  • emergency works (repair of propellers, replacement of stern tube seal, etc.).
Dock repair

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